2014 Fairmount Park Summer League

5/19/14 to 8/17/14 at Multiple locations, Philadelphia, PA

Maps/Directions: Check out the PADA field list.
PADA-hosted events (food and beverage provided):
  • 1st…
Maps/Directions: Check out the PADA field list.
PADA-hosted events (food and beverage provided):
  • 1st Friday (6/13) (Postponed to 6/20)
  • Saturday games (6/28)
  • Captains' Appreciation Night (7/18)
  • Finals Weekend (8/16-17)
Playoff Dates:
  • Pools A & C:
    • Top 4 finishers play Thursday, 8/14
    • Bottom 8 finishers play Monday, 8/11, and if they win, Wednesday, 8/13
  • Pools B & D
    • Top 4 finishes play Wednesday, 8/13
    • Bottom 8 finishers play Tuesday, 8/12, and if they win, Thursday, 8/14
  • Finals Weekend: All teams play 2 games on Saturday, 8/16.  Teams that win their second game will play 1-2 games on Sunday, 8/17.
Refund policy: Click here with questions on our refund policy.
Captains' Handbook can be found here.
Gender Ratio Rules (most games will fall under Situation E):
a.  If both teams have 5+ healthy women, the gender ratio for the game is 4 Men / 3 Women.
b.  If a team has only 2 healthy women, the gender ratio for the game is 5 Men / 2 Women.
c.  If a team has only 1 healthy woman, they will play down a woman (USE THE PICKUP LIST).
d.  If a team has no healthy women, they will forfeit the game.
e.  For all other situations, the gender ratio for the game is 5 Men / 2 Women or 4 Men / 3 Women (Offense Decides).
*It is the captains' responsibility to use the pick-up list and try to have AT LEAST 4 women per game.
Reschedule policy & procedure
Unless captains from both teams agree, non-playoff games will not be rescheduled for reasons besides weather cancellation.  If your team has enough players to play, you are encouraged to try and play the game.
If your team cannot play on a particular date but your opponent does not wish to reschedule, another option is to switch matchups with another team in your pool.  Example: A1 wishes to reschedule their 6/13 game against A2.  A2 prefers not to reschedule as it is a PADA-sponsored party night.  A1 can try to switch with A3 such that A3 will play A2 on 6/13, and A1 will play A2 at a later night (ideally the night A2 was originally scheduled to play A3, unless A1 is already playing that night).
If captains from both teams agree to reschedule a game, it is their responsibility to find a available date and field.  See a grid of available fields here.
In case you are having trouble reading the grid, our permitted fields are as follows:
  • Monday and Tuesday: Edgely 1-7, Chamounix 1-2, Memorial 1
  • Thursday: Edgely 2-7, Chamounix 1-2, Memorial 1 (note Edgely 1 is unavailable due to cricket practice)
  • Friday: Edgely 1-7, Chamounix 1-2, Ball Fields 1-3

Once captains from both teams agree on a potential reschedule date and field, send an email to  with all captains CC'ed, and the following information provided:

  • Teams involved (team number and captains)
  • Original date and field for game
  • Requested date and field for rescheduled game

Anything else? If you have questions not answered on this page, please email .


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